Automatic Reactions

The automatic reactions feature allows for a more agile response to a potential vulnerability or attack on your site, such as when you are experiencing a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. To configure them, it will be necessary to define a condition based on a threshold. Once established, the reaction will trigger when the value entered in the threshold is exceeded.

Reactions can only be configured if you have previously set up monitoring for your site. Then you will find the 'Reactions' button in the site dropdown menu.

Once the automatic reactions modal is open, you can select the type of anomaly for which you want the reaction and define the threshold at which that reaction will occur.

Reactions Types

  • Block IP: If an IP is causing any anomaly, this reaction will block that IP and automatically include it in the blacklist.

  • Under attack mode: If the threshold set for the chosen anomaly is exceeded at any time, the 'Under Attack' mode will be activated.

  • Callback to URL: A call to the URL provided in the reaction will be made when the specified threshold is exceeded.

  • Notify via email: Notifications will be sent via email to the specified email addresses. Only emails of company users can be entered.

  • Notify via Slack: A notification will be sent to any Slack-compatible chat system. You just need to enter the webhook address and the channel where you want to send the notification.

Remember that to receive alert notifications, you must activate them in your notification panel.

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