Manage lists via API

Lists can also be managed using our API.

Please check our API docs for the details of the endpoints.

Query lists

  • GET /v1/companies/<COMPANY_ID>/lists

  • GET /v1/companies/<COMPANY_ID>/lists/<LIST_ID>

Create a list

  • POST /v1/companies/<COMPANY_ID>/lists

Example payload, always use the service id 5, as that is the service for auto-provision:

  "addresses": [],
  "description": "my deny list",
  "name": "my_list",
  "services": [
      "id": 5

Update a list

Add IPs

  • POST /v1/companies/<COMPANY_ID>/lists/<LIST_ID>/<IP>/<PREFIX>

    • Example: /v1/companies/4/lists/25/

Delete IPs

  • DELETE /v1/companies/<COMPANY_ID>/lists/<LIST_ID>/<IP>/<PREFIX>

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