i3, our image management solution, allows you to dynamically and transparently blur your images.

To do this, we use our TCDN-i3-transform header, specifying the desired operation, which in this case is blur. Unlike other operations, such as the conversion to WebP format, this operation requires an optional parameter for its execution: the percentage of blur to be applied to the original image.

The exact syntax for this operation is as follows: blur[:<porcentaje>]. If no percentage is specified, the default value of 50% will be assumed.

For example, if you wanted all images on your domain that are located at the URL /estaticos/imagenes to be served with a 75% blur effect, you can simply deploy a VCL configuration similar to the following from the dashboard:

# i3 - blur
sub vcl_recv {
    if ( == "") {
        if (req.url ~ "^/estaticos/imagenes/") {
            set req.http.TCDN-i3-transform = "blur:75%";

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