VCL Objects

In VCL, there are different types of objects that you need to know. These objects can be accessed and modified from the VCL configuration.

  • req. It is the request object. It is mainly accessed from the vcl_recv function. When Varnish receives the request, this object is created and accessible to be accessed.

  • bereq. It is the object sent to the backend. It is created just before sending the object to the backend or origin. It is based on the req object.

  • beresp. It is the backend response. It contains the headers of the backend's response to Transparent CDN. If you want to modify them, this object is accessible from the vcl_backend_response function.

  • resp. It is the HTTP response just before being sent to the client. You can modify this object in the vcl_deliver function.

  • obj. It is a read-only object and represents the object stored in the cache.

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